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Rosary - Olive Wood Beads - Black Enamel Crucifix

Rosary - Olive Wood Beads - Black Enamel Crucifix

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Introducing the Exquisite Olive Wood Bead Rosary with Jesus Portrait Pewter Center and Black Enamel Crucifix:

Crafted with reverence and care, this rosary combines the natural beauty of olive wood with sacred symbolism. Whether for personal devotion or as a heartfelt gift, this rosary is a cherished companion.


  • Olive Wood Beads: Each bead, measuring 7mm x 10mm, is handcrafted from genuine olive wood. The warm, earthy tones evoke a sense of connection to the Holy Land.
  • Jesus Portrait Pewter Center: The centerpiece features a detailed pewter portrayal of Jesus Christ. His compassionate gaze invites contemplation and prayer.
  • Black Enamel Crucifix: The crucifix, also pewter, bears a third-class relic—a piece of cloth touched to Jesus’ tomb. This relic adds a profound layer of spiritual significance.
  • Length: When laid flat, the rosary measures approximately 23½ inches.
  • Imported from Jerusalem: Each rosary is a testament to faith and tradition, sourced from the heart of the Holy Land.

Embrace the serenity of prayer with this exquisite rosary, a tangible link to the life and teachings of Jesus. 🙏🌿