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Picture Frame - Godparents - Chrome Tone - 4" X 6"

Picture Frame - Godparents - Chrome Tone - 4" X 6"

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Celebrate the special bond between godparents and their cherished godchildren with this elegant and heartfelt picture frame. Crafted with care, this frame is designed to hold a 4x6 inch photo, capturing precious memories that will last a lifetime.

Product Features:

  • Silver Charm Detail: The delicate silver-cross charm adds a touch of grace and spirituality to the frame. It symbolizes the role of godparents in guiding and supporting their godchild’s journey through life.

  • High-Quality Materials: The frame features a nice hardboard backing that ensures durability and stability. It’s built to stand the test of time, just like the enduring relationship between godparents and their godchildren.

  • Glare-Resistant Glass Lens: The glare-resistant glass protects your cherished photo from harmful UV rays while allowing its beauty to shine through. Your godchild’s smile or a candid moment captured during a special occasion will be displayed with clarity and warmth.

Perfect Gift Idea: Whether you’re celebrating a baptism, confirmation, or simply expressing gratitude to your godparents, this frame makes a thoughtful and meaningful gift. It’s a beautiful way to honor the role of godparents in a child’s life journey.


  • Frame Size: 4x6 inches
  • Charm Detail: Silver cross

Create lasting memories and honor the bond of godparenthood with The Remembrance Center’s Godparents Charms Picture Frame. Cherish the love, guidance, and support that godparents provide, and let this frame be a testament to those cherished moments. 🙏📸