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Oil Lamp - Art Glass - Tree of Wonder

Oil Lamp - Art Glass - Tree of Wonder

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These beautiful glass oil lamps are unique pieces, each created by hand. The quality, uniqueness, and above all, the beauty of a piece made by hand are reminiscent of trees in a forest—no two are alike. Give the gift of inspiration with these unique glass oil lamps, suitable for various occasions:

  • Condolence: A thoughtful gift to honor a loved one who has passed away.
  • Birthday: A unique and artistic present for someone special.
  • Mother’s Day: A heartfelt way to celebrate and appreciate mothers.
  • Any Special Occasion: The Tree of Wonder encourages us to open our eyes and spirits to the wonderful and awesome that come from looking deeper.

The Tree of Enchantment Collection, a signature creation by Kitras Art Glass, features these magnificent oil lamps. Glass “leaves” cascade across the top of the orb, while “trunk” webbing is pulled through the interior from bottom to top. When the soft glow of the oil lamp flame illuminates this piece, it becomes truly breathtaking. The Tree of Wonder reminds us to explore life’s wonders, ask questions, and spark curiosity.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: Varies (since each piece is unique)
  • Materials: Handmade glass
  • Wick: Included
  • Paraffin oil: Sold separately


The Tree of Wonder represents the creative burn of curiosity. It invites us to explore, discover new colors, textures, and sensations, and enrich our lives. Wonder opens our eyes to the extraordinary in the ordinary. Like a forest, where individual trees become more than just a group when we add wonder, this oil lamp encourages us to look deeper and find awe-inspiring moments.


Pair the Tree of Wonder Oil Lamp with a bottle of Kitras Paraffin Oil for the perfect gift package. Gift it to curious souls who appreciate the magic of wonder.


Use the oil lamp indoors or outdoors to create a soft-flame ambiance. Since there’s no worry of wax damaging surfaces, it’s perfect for any fire-safe location.