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Cross - Hand-Held - Gift Box - Polystone - 3" L x 4.25" H
Cross - Hand-Held - Gift Box - Polystone - 3" L x 4.25" H
Cross - Hand-Held - Gift Box - Polystone - 3" L x 4.25" H

Cross - Hand-Held - Gift Box - Polystone - 3" L x 4.25" H

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Introducing the “My Lord’s Cross” Pocket-Sized Comfort Companion—a heartfelt expression of faith and solace. Crafted with care, this miniature cross is designed to accompany you wherever life takes you, providing strength, comfort, and a tangible connection to your beliefs.

Product Features:

  • Design: The “My Lord’s Cross” is meticulously crafted to resemble real stone, capturing the essence of ancient relics. Its weathered texture and subtle imperfections evoke a sense of reverence.
  • Inscription: Enclosed in a beautiful gift box, this pocket-sized cross comes with an inset card bearing a powerful message: “I hold Your cross in the palm of my hand, entrusting my life into your command. In troubled times, when life is hard to bear, Your cross gives me strength and comfort in prayer.” Let these words resonate in your heart as you carry this cross with you.
  • Portable Comfort: Slip it into your purse, bag, or car console. Whether you’re navigating a challenging day or seeking solace during quiet moments, this cross serves as a portable source of comfort.
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 3 inches
    • Width: 0.75 inches
    • Height: 4.25 inches
  • Material: Crafted from durable polystone, this cross combines the look of stone with lightweight practicality. It’s a tangible reminder of your faith, always within reach.

Display Instructions:

  • Hold It Close: Grasp the “My Lord’s Cross” in your palm during moments of reflection, prayer, or simply when you need a reassuring touch.
  • Gift Idea: Share this meaningful cross with loved ones—whether for baptisms, confirmations, or as a gesture of support during difficult times.

Embrace the comfort and strength that the “My Lord’s Cross” Pocket-Sized Companion brings. Let it be a constant reminder of divine presence and unwavering love. 🙏✨