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Cross - First Communion - Wall-Mounted - Stone/Resin Mix - 9.25"

Cross - First Communion - Wall-Mounted - Stone/Resin Mix - 9.25"

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Celebrate First Communion with Reverence: The Resin/Stone First Communion Wall Cross


  • Elegant Scrollwork Band: Our exquisite First Communion Wall Cross boasts a sculpted scrollwork band that encircles its form. This intricate design symbolizes the spiritual journey and the path of faith.
  • Raised Gold Cross: At the center, a radiant gold cross stands proud—a beacon of hope and redemption. Its raised texture invites contemplation and reverence.
  • Resin/Stone Mixture: Crafted from a durable resin/stone mixture, this cross combines the strength of stone with the versatility of resin. It’s a lasting tribute to this sacred milestone.
  • Perfect Height: Standing at 9.25 inches, it commands attention without overwhelming your space. Hang it in bedrooms, prayer corners, or anywhere you seek divine inspiration.
  • Thoughtful Gift Box: Presented in a tasteful gift box, this First Communion Wall Cross is ready to bless your loved ones. Whether it’s a child’s special day or an adult’s reaffirmation, it holds profound meaning.
  • Dimensions: Height: 9.25 inches

Embrace the sacramental grace. Bestow the Resin/Stone First Communion Wall Cross—a cherished reminder of faith’s communion.