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Cross - "A Dogwood Legend" - Wall-Mounted - 12"

Cross - "A Dogwood Legend" - Wall-Mounted - 12"

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  • Lavish Dogwood Blooms: The delicate dogwood flowers, meticulously hand-painted, grace the surface of this cross. Their soft petals and intricate details evoke a sense of serenity and renewal.
  • Inspirational Line: Etched into the heart of the cross, you’ll find the poignant words from the timeless poem, “A Dogwood Legend.” This line serves as a gentle reminder of hope, sacrifice, and the enduring spirit of faith.
  • Full Poem on the Back: Turn the cross around, and there it is—the entire poem engraved on the reverse side. As you trace your fingers over the words, you’ll feel the weight of its meaning.
  • Easter Gift Perfection: Whether you’re celebrating Easter or simply seeking a meaningful gift, this cross radiates love and devotion. Its symbolism transcends seasons, making it a cherished keepsake for years to come.
  • Attractive Gift Box: The Dogwood Legend Wall Cross arrives in an elegant gift box, ready to delight your loved ones. The box itself features the complete poem, adding an extra layer of thoughtfulness.


  • Height: 12 inches

“A Dogwood Legend”

In the quiet of the forest, where dogwood blossoms bloom, There lies a sacred story, whispered through the gloom. Long ago, upon a hill, a rugged cross stood tall, Its wood as strong as love itself, its shadow cast by all.

The dogwood tree, they say, once bore a different fate, Its branches wide and sturdy, its blooms both small and great. But on that fateful day, when Christ was crucified, The dogwood felt His sorrow, and its petals changed their pride.

No longer grand and showy, its flowers turned to grace, Four petals like a cross, with crimson stains in place. And at the center, a crown of thorns, a symbol of His pain, Forever etched upon the tree, a testament to love’s refrain.

So when you see the dogwood, its blooms so pure and white, Remember this legend, and the sacrifice of light. For in its quiet beauty, we find redemption’s song, And the promise of eternal life, where faith and love belong.

Embrace the legend. Illuminate your space. Bring home the Dogwood Legend Wall Cross today.