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Advent Calendar - Table Sitter - Nativity Scene - Magnetic Star

Advent Calendar - Table Sitter - Nativity Scene - Magnetic Star

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Introducing the Nativity Scene Magnetic Advent Calendar—a delightful way to celebrate the Christmas season! 🌟🎄


  • Countdown to Christmas: This magnetic advent calendar adds a touch of excitement to each day leading up to the joyous occasion. As you move the magnetic star from number 1 to 25, you’ll feel the anticipation building, just like the shepherds and wise men awaiting the birth of Jesus.

  • Charming Nativity Scene: The center of attention is a beautifully illustrated Nativity scene. Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus, and the gentle animals all come together in this colorful depiction. It’s a visual reminder of the true meaning of Christmas.

  • Sturdy Easel Back: The calendar features a sturdy easel back, allowing you to display it easily on any flat surface. Whether it graces your mantelpiece, kitchen counter, or bedside table, the Nativity scene will radiate warmth and love.

  • Dimensions: Measuring 7 inches in width and 9 1/2 inches in height, this calendar strikes the perfect balance between compactness and visibility. It won’t overwhelm your space but will capture your heart.

Share the Tradition: Gather your family around this magnetic advent calendar. Each day, engage in a simple prayer or reflection as you move the star closer to Christmas. It’s a wonderful way to create lasting memories and deepen your connection to the story of Jesus’ birth.

Ages: Suitable for all ages—from the littlest ones who marvel at the bright colors to the grown-ups who cherish the timeless tale.

Make this Christmas season truly special with the Nativity Scene Magnetic Advent Calendar. Let the star guide you toward the miracle of love, hope, and new beginnings. 🌟❤️